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Thank you so much for connecting with us here at Hineni Tours, your Israeli Tour Partner with Adoption Airfare┬«! When we think of where Adoption came from, thoughts go back to Israel, the place where those from all over the world can come and experience more of what it means to be “Grafted in” to the family of God! Israel is a very special place to all of us who have a heart for the bigger picture of Adoption. The name Hineni, means “Here am I” in Hebrew. This is a very special word and has a very rich meaning.

We are excited that you are interested in our upcoming tours to Israel. Israel is the most beautiful place on earth! The food and the sights are amazing. The impact that our tours will have on your life, are dramatic. Israel is a fruitful land, and when you “Come and See” with us, you will find many surprises that we have in store for our teams. Our tours will allow you to enjoy Israel’s amazing food, amazing sights and Holy Landmarks, and so much more.

One thing that sets us apart from other tour agencies, is our heart not only for our groups to see Israel, but also for our teams to have times to meet the people of Israel, and have times of rest, and times to not only get filled up, but also to pour out and spend time in prayer, worship, and serving. We have some amazing serving options for our teams to select from, with ministries we are personally connected with here in Israel.

Below are a few preliminary questions for us to gather some information as we work to customize the perfect tour for your group.

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