Sample Israel 12 Day Tour

Day 1
Reception and transfer to Jerusalem; overview of city before check in. Overnight in Jerusalem.

Day 2
We begin on the Mount of Olives with its panoramic view of the walled city of Jerusalem. Entering the Old City, we will walk along the Via Dolorosa and visit the Pool of Bethesda. Continuing through the Jewish Quarter of the Old City you will arrive at the Western Wall and the Southern Steps, ending the day at the amazing site of the newly excavated City of David. Overnight in Jerusalem.

Day 3
Visiting the biblical sites of Beth-El, Shiloh, Alon Moreh and Nebi Samuel. Overnight in Jerusalem

Day 4
We travel this morning to the lowest part of the earth! We will visit the mountain fortress of Masada, the historical last stand of the Jewish zealots against mighty Rome. At the En-Gedi Oasis, we will learn about David and King Saul and hike to the hidden waterfalls before continuing on to Qumran where many of the Dead Sea Scrolls were written and later found. Ending the day with a swim at the Dead Sea. Overnight in Jerusalem

Day 5
Today we visit the Israel Museum to explore the Dead Sea Scrolls and the famous model of the Second Temple Jerusalem from the times of Yeshua, and continue on to the Holocaust Memorial Museum at Yad Vashem and a visit to the seven candle candelabra by the Knesset, Israel’s Parliament. Ending our day with a moving visit at the Garden Tomb with worship and communion. Overnight in Jerusalem.

Day 6
We start the day visiting Bethlehem and the Shepherds’ Fields. At the Elah Valley we will read about David’s encounter with Goliath, and then travel on to Tel Beth Shemesh overseeing the Soreq Valley where we remember the return of the Holy Ark from the Philistine captivity and the birth of Samson. Driving through Valley of Ayalon to Tel Aviv we will arrive to the Coast of the Mediterranean. Overnight in Tel-Aviv

Day 7
Starting our day at the ancient port Jaffa (Jonah and Peter’s biblical accounts), we will continue to visit the ancient Herodian port city Caesarea, ascend Mt. Carmel where Elijah battled the Gods of Baal, discover Tel Megiddo and the Valley of Armageddon, and drive through Nazareth and Cana to the Sea of Galilee. Overnight in Tiberius

Day 8
We begin the day by discovering the remains of a 2,000-year-old fishing boat known as “The Jesus Boat”; visit the Mt. of Beatitudes where “The Sermon on the Mount” was given; Korazin, one of the cities where Yeshua taught and Capernaum which was known as “His Own Town.” Crossing to the other side of the Sea to the “Land of the Gaderenes”, we will enjoy a boat ride before sunset. Overnight in Tiberius.

Day 9
Following a morning baptism service at the Jordan River, we will ascend the epic Mt. Arbel for a breathtaking view of the Sea of Galilee. As we continue we pass Mt. Tabor and visit En-Harod spring, also known as “Gideon’s spring” and view Mt. Gilboa before arriving at the biblical town at Bet She’an. Overnight in Tiberius.

Day 10
A nature walk thru Tel Dan reserve leads us to the famous site of Jeroboam’s Alter. Continuing on to the springs and archeological site of Caesarea Philippi we will remember the Lord’s question to His disciples, “who do you say that I am?”; ending our day with a drive up to the strategic Golan Heights for a panoramic view of Israel’s northern borders.

Day 11
Enjoy a swim and some quiet time on the shores where Yeshua walked and ministered before packing and preparing for your departure. Final banquet.

Day 12

Depart from Ben Gurion Airport on your flight back home.

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